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Hi, we’re The PW Agency and we help healthcare practices increase reviews, bolster their reputation, and get more patients through the door every month!

Earn a top 3 ranking in Google.

Get 5-star reviews.

Protect your online reputation.


Become the Number 1 Practice In Your Area

When a prospective patient googles [Your Specialty] Near Me you want to be found. And you want to be found on top! Showing up on search engines when patients are looking for information on the services you provide is one of the best ways to grow your patient. With our Holistic SEO services our specialists and certified SEO analysts will secure your spot in the search engines’ top spot.

Get Content that Connects and Converts

From a team of healthcare professionals uniquely skilled at writing SEO blog posts to brand strategists who understand thought leadership, you can rely on us to craft accurate, comprehensive content for your private healthcare or medical practice or personal brand. Our content helps you boost visibility and solidify your expertise.

Build an Inclusive Digital Marketing Plan

Is there enough diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity in your messaging? Are your online habits, content, and digital marketing practices contributing to algorithmic bias, implicit bias, and discriminatory practices? We offer communication training, English-to Spanish translation services, and D&I marketing consults to support you in communicating with all of your patients.

Find a Healthcare Influencer To Promote Your Product or Services

Do you need a healthcare professional to help you amplify your brand?  We have a team of healthcare influencers who can put your product, services, or brand in front of a wider, more engaged audience.

Let’s Set the Scene

Jackie recently moved to the area and isn’t familiar with the nearby healthcare services. She is actively seeking a new primary care provider.

Dan woke up today feeling under the weather – sore throat, headache, fever – the works. Nicole is getting married in a month and her acne is flaring up. 

So, what do Jackie, Dan, and Nicole do?  They hop online to check out clinics in their city. After a few minutes of reading the reviews of top ranked offices, they schedule an appointment with a clinic that sadly isn’t yours.

But why? After all, your practice offers state-of-the-art care and has a wonderful reputation throughout the community. Well, the reality is that if your online presence is in poor health, you’re going to miss out on countless opportunities to attract new patients.

This can be a hard pill to swallow. So, what’s the solution?

Let The PW Agency help you outrank your competitors and secure your spot in Google’s top search results. Establish your visibility through high reviews and solidify your credibility online.

Our nurse writers, SEO specialists, and content strategists specialize in developing digital real estate for the healthcare industry that drives website traffic, boosts Google rankings and puts your services in front of clients and patients who need you most.

Our services have been sought out by private practices, nursing staffing agencies, home health care agencies, hospice agencies, and various healthcare entities. We know better than anyone how limited you are on time, which is why we want to do our part to lighten the burden.

As experienced healthcare professionals, we understand first-hand how chaotic and nonstop a typical day can be. Between tending to patients and dealing with administrative needs, you quickly realize that it’s nearly impossible to have time to develop content, to educate patients and clients, and promote your organization.

And while you may not have time, we do.

Ready to flood the internet with blogs, 5- star reviews, articles, personal branding, newsletters, and health content that drives more traffic, attracts more leads, and positions your practice as an industry go-to?

Why Work With Us?

Because we CARE…


Through our Holistic SEO and Brand Management services we offer our clients a CAREPLAN.

We’ve helped our clients:

  • Come up with blog posts that organically rank on the first page of Google’s search results page for targeted keywords
  • Write best sellers
  • Increase engagement and save time
  • Create surveys that received national media attention



I love The PW Agency! They have helped me with my business blog, sales pages and social media post copy. We have received increased engagement and time saved by using her services. The posts are way more creative than I ever could have been! I highly recommend bringing on a professionals like The PW Agency to help develop content that will help you get noticed and found.

Victoria, FNP

I loved the presentation Portia, from The PW Agency, did at a conference I attended.  Knowing who your audience is is highly important and using key words in photos, business description, FAQs and just about everywhere for the SEO to help with ranking on GMB. I had no idea the correlation with using keywords everywhere and Google indexing. I’m going to update my website to include keywords to attract the right audience.


The PW Agency has extremely accomplished and talented Health Content Writers. My company, HOLLIBLU, has been fortunate enough to work with Portia on several projects, one being our national nurse wellness survey which received national media attention. Portia’s incredible contributions to the survey helped us secure valuable feedback from the nurse community.

Cara, RN

The PW Agency is excellent. After working with them on multiple projects, I can say the return on investment was worth it. Not only was my client success manager always available, but my business is now ranked #1 Google maps in my city.


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